1. A series of advertisements for the Guardian I designed based on current news stories. The idea was to try and convey each news story using only very simple imagery.

  2. Assessment 1 complete!

  3. A poster for Nick Cave’s book ‘The Death Of Bunny Munro’, made entirely from the text from the book itself. The words which make up the poster are all based on key themes from the text.

  4. A project in which I was asked to explain the anatomy of type by designing a simple infrographic poster.

  5. A project in which I was limited to using just two fonts, given text and only black and white as colours and were required to produce visually appealing promotional material for the dance company Havana Rakatan.

  6. A collaborative project in which my group was given a specific area of Brighton to map, I chose to focus on the wide variety of people found within The Level.

  7. So today I did some screen printing.

  8. A project where I was given the restrictions of using just black and white shapes to represent certain given emotions

  9. A project in which I had to photograph one simple household object using different kinds of light, in this case I chose a cheese-grater.

  10. Photographs from my final show for the foundation diploma.